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Transformers: Don't You Dare Forget The Sun, Love by SyncTheMutantJackal
Transformers: Don't You Dare Forget The Sun, Love

I don’t think I quite got across the concept of ‘visor darkening from one side to another’ like I wanted to, but that was what I was going for. It’s going from left to right and steadily getting darker to hide his optics for reasons obvious if you look semi-closely at the picture.

A few designs notes would be that the little reddish-brown gaps on his side (they’re actually on both sides, but you can only see the one set of them here) are vents. In my head, the idea is that he uses those as his primary method of cooling his frame down (and he will flip out if they get covered and Switchblade loves to harass him every so often by doing that). The little green and red buttons on the visor are because the it isn’t actually something he usually wears. It’s his as in he owns it, but he doesn’t wear it. Who’d want to cover up those pretty optics, anyway?

This is Radian by the way, and he’s probably one of my favorite characters. I’ll toss a fully body reference of him up sometime, but this is one of the first times I’ve drawn him successfully as his robot self and I’m quite pleased with myself.

Cross posting from Tumblr because I'm sure there's gotta be someone over here who would be vaguely interested in seeing it c: 

Speaking of Tumblr, if anyone is curious or would like to skim through the random crap I post and reblog, type in up there at the top of your browser and you should find me~! I'm not sure if I'll be more inclined to post things there or here, but I guess we'll find out! 

Radian, Art (c) SyncTheMutantJackal 
You all know the rules of copyright and being a decent human being or whatever it is that you are, but I'll say it anyway: don't steal my baby.

Underworld AU: 'Insubstantial' by SyncTheMutantJackal
Underworld AU: 'Insubstantial'
File Title: Transformers, Switchblade, Radian, 'Insubstantial' 
Time: Unknown
World: Alternate Universe, 'Underworld/Demons', Miscellaneous
Featured Characters: Switchblade ('pink/purple'; curved horns), Radian ('blue/blue-green'; straight horns)

- - -

Clearly, these two are not their original selves as I am in the process of figuring out accurate designs before I attempt uploading them. Radian is almost finished, but the silver highlight/pinstripes I had planned need to be reworked so they don't look out of place with the rest of him. I may lighten up the dark (which was intended to be black but, seeing as I never use actual black when drawing him, it's really more of a dark gray), and if I do that it should make the silver look less glaring than it does now. In any case, I'm not ready to upload the reference just yet seeing as it needs tweaking. The colors slapped on here are basically place holders for their actual designs. (Said because I have a sixth sense that detects how appalled both of these characters are at the possibility of having someone think these are their actual designs.)

As far as Switchblade is concerned, the only portion of a 'reference' he has is either as a wolf and therefore relatively unhelpful or in his beast mode which will be altered at some point in the near future anyhow. Important note, however, is that said beast mode is feline-based-- which makes the fact that he's normally drawn as a wolf for the sake of laziness to be rather ridiculous. Regardless, he is a shameless dork and doesn't seem to mind all that much that I technically draw him incorrectly. He's chill like that which is part of why he's one of my favorites. 

While I'm on the subject of characters (and, I beg of you, don't get me started because I can and will go on a tangent about things you probably never cared to know), why not give anyone who cares to read a brief rundown of personalities and why I like these two as much as I do?

Switchblade, as I mentioned, is relatively easy to deal with. Even on those rare occasions where I toss around the idea of him going over the brink mentally, I can honestly never fault him for it. If he committed mass homicide and crushed a box full of puppies as his robot self, I don't think I could ever really blame him for it. He just has that sort of personality that lets me relate to what he's feeling and he's one of the characters who has gone that extra mile to bring me to tears over something they've said or done. Ridiculous, I suppose, to get so attached to a figment of my imagination, but it's never been something I can help. I can relate to these characters in a wonderful and terrible way at times; so, it does make some sort of sense that when something truly tragic happens to them, I find myself nodding along with their coping methods and leaving them to their own devices, really. If a loved one dies and they feel like taking it out on everyone around them, more power to them. Switchblade is guilty of doing that, and I never make any effort to change the course of the headcanon when he does. 

Miseries of life thrown to the back burner for the moment, Switchblade doesn't usually do something that drastic. He's relatively stable (if guilty of falling completely and unquestionably in love despite the situation he's in making that a very bad idea) and quite a lot of fun as far as characters go. It's hard to explain just how much and why I like him, I guess. 

Onward to Radian, yes? 

There's not much I can really say about him mostly because he doesn't want me to. But, I will say that the card he's been dealt isn't necessarily a pleasant one, and Switchblade is probably one of the few reasons he has for being emotionally 'normal' - or, at least, close to it. He's had to learn to live with what is essentially past emotional and physical abuse at the hands of his own parents and others. Radian has less self-respect than he'd like everyone to think he does, and the lines "'Cause I feel like I'm the worst / so I always act like I'm the best" from the song "Oh No!" by Marina and The Diamonds are probably some of the most fitting I've found to describe him. Most people probably wouldn't immediately notice that Radian has any underlying issues because it can be said that he is an excellent actor. That, what pride he does have, and the fear of impending punishment for acting out of the norm is what has him keeping his problems under wraps so to speak. 

If, at this point, you've read between this mass of lines to notice the hints of 'yes, this is a working relationship; these two are together', good for you! I'm quite proud of you for having caught on! If you hadn't and that makes you dislike these characters or bothers you in some way, I'm afraid I'll have to request that you leave. I don't plan the relationships my characters develop with each other-- it just happens. That said, I won't split up any that are established or in the works because I am a firm believer in the fact that my characters would band together and begin throwing boulders at me if I tried it. They are in control of their own interactions. I am essentially a helpless bystander who lets them use my fingers to let their wild schemes be known to the world. Which is why Switchblade is discussed for longer in the course of this description than Radian is; what Radian doesn't want you to know, you won't find out and you might as well not bother even trying. Switchblade is virtually an open book who will lie his ass off if you ask a question he doesn't want to answer. Don't get that confused, though. He will answer; it just might not be entirely the truth. 

And, because I have failed to mention it sooner: 

These characters did originate from the Transformers universe, and were/are Decepticons. That last word is vitally important, I believe, for understanding who they are and where they are coming from. However, I do not know if they or I still consider them to be 'fan characters'. We've all done quite a bit of branching off since I created them over a year ago, and the multitude of alternate universes they have is staggering. Truly, it is. So, fan characters still? I have no idea. But, they do play in the metaphorical sand box that is the Transformers world.

With that, I take my leave. Enjoy the pointless sketch and my ramblings, dearies! (Followed by the obligatory: live long and die in a fiery inferno if you even think about stealing my characters. That demands to be said despite the fact that the above image has very little in the way of what can be stolen design wise.)

Art; Characters: Radian, Switchblade (c) SyncTheMutantJackal
Transformers (c) Hasbro At least, I think so. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Ruia, 'Of Summer Rains...' by SyncTheMutantJackal
Ruia, 'Of Summer Rains...'
Full Title: 'Of Summer Rains (...and Future Pains)'

And isn't that just the most ominous title? 

Not sure how long I spent on this one, but I know it took forever. I worked on and off on it for a few days - partly working with Krita and partly with SAI. I'm rather proud of the end result considering I hadn't meant for it to be raining. That stroke of brilliance can be blamed on doing shading in SAI and having the clipping mask fail when I opened it in Krita. It turned the entire background darker than I'd meant for it to be. Add that with a few light streaks that had been originally tossed in as sunlight and you end up with something that looks like rain. I ran with it, obviously, and added the rest of the rain in with SAI. 

So, yes, turned out better than I thought. ...Save for the fact that I believe Kas mentioned that Kiojah there is not actually a fan of water and here he is being rained on. I deny all responsibility for that; blame Krita. 

(Because good god I need to do this, don't I?)

To move from a Cub to a Tyro:
-Submit your character being born (like right after they are born) - to be uploaded 
-Submit your character coming out of the Nursery for the first time
-Submit your character playing with their parents and siblings (if any) - counting above image as this
-Submit your character meeting the Chief for the first time
-Submit 3 roleplays with +2 people, 3 posts each - WIP...


Art, Ruia - SyncTheMutantJackal
Kiojah - Kastien
.:TDE - Wish - Radiohund:. by SyncTheMutantJackal
.:TDE - Wish - Radiohund:.

ID: 77
Skelts: 0895

Status: Healthy

Name: Wish
Age: four years old
Gender: female
Breed: Aidi x Laika Dog x Canaan Dog
Rank: Radiohund


  • Vivacious - “Oh, don’t be silly! I’m not annoying! I’m cute!”

Prone to being overly excitable, Wish seems to be incapable of remaining still for extended periods of time. She is most often seen with a bounce in her step, and would rather run to her next destination than walk. This can lead to annoyance on the part of those around her as her need to move can admittedly be rather obnoxious. However, there are those that find it just the littlest bit endearing.

  • Charismatic - “I know what you need. You need someone to be your friend. I don’t care if you don’t want one, you need one. And, seeing as I’m the only friendly-looking someone around here, I’ll guess I’ll have to do!”

While some can find a confirmed social butterfly bothersome, there are times when it can come in handy. Wish utilizes her ability (read: need) to befriend others when it comes to dealing with introverts. She cannot stand the idea of someone shutting themselves off from the outside world and will actively chastise them if they claim that they do not need friends, that they are happier without them. In Wish’s mind, everyone is in need of a friend, and whether they want one or not is never open for debate. You need one; you are getting one.

  • Impulsive - “Well, we could go that way, but I like this way better. So, I’ll go this way and you go that way, and we’ll meet on the other side! Whoever gets there fastest had the best idea!”

Unfortunately, Wish tends to bolt off whenever she feels like it  - be it during a conversation or otherwise. The second she sees something that interests her more than whatever she was doing previously, she will be off like a shot for parts unknown. It takes a strong leader and a good deal of scolding before she will remember to restrain herself, and even then whether or not she will obey is a gamble. This is a severe fault when it comes to trips into the Wastelands as she may just head off on her own if she sees something that grabs her attention. With some outside help, though, this tendency can be at least partially corrected.

  • Adaptable - “Oh, you’re ridiculous! If we can’t go that way, then we’ll just go this way!”

Wish is ready, willing, and able to adapt to whatever conditions are thrown her way. She bounces through life with an almost reckless abandon, and has encountered her fair share of trouble because of it. Regardless of this fact, there has yet to be an instance that has wrecked her completely. She has a knack for bouncing back even in the midst of the worst of it. There is always a way around a bad situation for her (even when that particular way around has more than a few obstacles for her to bulldoze her way through). No path is ever fully blocked - at least, not permanently.

  • Fearless - “What are you so worried about? We’ll be fine!”

Fearless not in the sense that she is never afraid, but rather that she dives head first into situations without worrying about the consequences. This alongside her tendency towards impulsiveness can make for trouble. She is often unafraid of things she should at least be cautious of, which in turn tends to land her in the occasional (or somewhat frequent) sticky situation.

  • Prideful - “I said: I don’t need your help!”

Often times, Wish’s pride can get in the way of her common sense. She is convinced she is more than capable of handling everything that comes her way, and this actually is true in some cases. In other instances, however, she can find herself in well over her head and without a metaphorical leg to stand on. Even then, it takes quite a bit before she will admit that she needs help, and it will be a grudging admission at best.


  • “A dream is a wish the heart makes.”

“Mom always used to say that heart wishes were the most important kind of wish; said that they were the things we wanted most in life. She was funny that way, always telling me and my brother Rook that we were what she always wished for.

“Everyone said she needed us. I didn’t understand then because I didn’t know what had happened. I didn’t know that the day we were born was the day her brother disappeared. I eventually asked around, (I’m too curious like that) and found out a little bit about what went down. Most of the guys he was working with just said he was supposed to be scouting around and didn’t come back. But, there was one who told me something different. He said he saw the infected that got my uncle; told me it wasn’t always the big ones that did you in. He didn’t go into detail about it or anything even though I asked him to. (He finally told me after I bothered him enough. I thought it was cool in a creepy sort of way.)

“Anyway, we grew up quick like kids always do. My brother never quite could keep up with me. Rook was always littler than I was, always ate less and slept a lot more. Mom never said anything, but I heard when the physician said he was sick - real sick. I tried to help take care of him. I told him to eat and I tried awful hard to keep him awake. One of the furmothers yelled at me when I wouldn’t stop bothering him. She told me he wouldn’t get better if he didn’t sleep. I went and played with the other pups after that.  

“Rook got worse and worse. He couldn’t stay awake anymore, and then, one day, he just stopped breathing. Mom forgot I existed for a while; cried herself sick and wondered why she’d been given two pups when one of them was only going to go and die before he ever got a shot at living. They kept me in quarantine for a bit, something about making sure whatever my brother had wasn’t contagious. I didn’t understand what they were talking about, but the furmothers weren’t bad company. I was alright even though mom wouldn’t talk to me. I think, she blamed both of us - me and her.  It was my fault because I kept bothering him, and her fault because she didn’t stop me. I always thought that sounded kind of funny, and saying it now… well, now it sounds even funnier.  No one ever said we were the only kids they had, but I’m pretty sure we weren’t. I think, maybe, my parents had had little ones before. I don’t think they made it - like Rook didn’t.

“Well, no matter how hard mom cried and how she sometimes wouldn’t even look at me, I kept on growing. You should have seen the look on her face when she realized I was ready to be apprenticed. It was like she hadn’t even noticed how I was getting older all that time, like she was expecting me to still be little and need her like I used to. Dad and I had already done some talking about what I was going to do with myself. We’d decided on me being a Radiohund since that was what he did. He had some connections in the convoys, and already knew someone who he said would be a good mentor for me. I was giddy; mom was scared to death. She said I couldn’t do it, said it was too dangerous. I didn’t care. I was gonna do it anyway.

“I was apprenticed to an older Radiohund. Everyone said he was retiring soon, that I would be his last apprentice. That was alright because I was going to be the best. He was going to be proud that I was the last apprentice he got to train. It didn’t go down exactly like that because he was always driving me to be better than my best. He yelled at me, cussed me out, and told me I was never going to make anything of myself if I didn’t work harder. I learned a lot even if I was either about to burst into tears or so mad I couldn’t see straight for half my lessons. Some days, I swear I woke up mad.

“But, it worked. Every minute of abuse he threw at me made me better in some roundabout way that I don’t think I exactly understand. I hope I’m not like that if I ever get an apprentice. But, if what goes around comes around… Damn, I feel sorry for whatever poor kid I end up with.

“I’m a Radiohund now. I head out with convoys every day, deal with a bunch of infected who have right bad attitudes, and do you know what’s worse? Sometimes, I think the infected aren’t half so bad as the guys and gals I get stuck working with. They’re whining and complaining the whole time, and if they aren’t doing that, they’re biting each others heads off for no reason at all. It’s a neverending cycle, but… I don’t really think I’d have it any other way. Even with the poisoned air, Hell of an environment, and bad company…. Life’s good. Life’s always been good even when it didn’t really look like it was.

“I hope it stays good…”


  • Hearing

  • Eyesight

  • Agility

  • Adaptability


  • Weak Skeletal Structure (ie: legs, spine, ribcage)

  • Molera (hole in the skull roughly the size of a person’s fingernail; not a visible abnormality)

  • Size (increased ability of being overpowered by larger, more aggressive dogs)

  • Nervousness (quickest to begin panicking during instances where contact with Eden has been temporarily lost)


  • Eden

Apollo | Male | Convate - 

"Apollo and I met a while ago. I helped him track down a thief even though he didn't really want my help. It's not like I screwed anything up, though, so I don't know what all the fuss was about. I actually did a real good job even if I do say so myself (not that Apollo would admit that, of course). I like him alright, and I'd say we were probably at least good acquaintances. Because, you know, I doubt you could really say we're friends. I think we are - or... could be? But, whatever. Yeah, Apollo's nice enough." 

  • Wasteland


RP Example:

Static crackled soothingly in the backdrop as Wish crept the last few feet up the incline and stopped at the summit. Miles of what appeared to be uninhabited terrain stretched away before her, dipping and rising with the occasional ravine tearing its way through the midst of deceptive tranquility. There were infected hiding out there, that much she was certain of, and there wasn’t a single one of them that didn’t want to chew on her bones for breakfast. She wasn’t going to let them do it, of course. That would be suicidal at worst and just plain stupid at best. Then again, maybe volunteering for this job was a little stupid and a little suicidal. For someone who loved life as much as she did, that was… well, weird. Wish didn’t exactly want to die, but, somehow, she’d jumped in line to be labelled ‘Breakfast Buffet’ all the same. She could have said ‘Bed and Breakfast’ and it probably would have been more accurate knowing some of the infected. Or, not knowing them exactly, but knowing of them. Either way, that wasn’t really all that important just then. It was much more pertinent that she avoid toppling down the slope and bashing her head on a rock. That wouldn’t be a great way to start the day by anyone’s standards. Well, no, that wasn’t true.

Wait a minute, had that rock moved?

Wish blinked and leaned forward, paws now precariously close to slipping on the peat and sending her crashing down the opposite side of the hillock. No, that was just her imagination- yes, it had! With a giddy bounce, the Radiohund spun about to face the meandering members of the convoy. She scowled for a moment before her grin leapt back into place.

“Hey, guys! I think I saw one!”

Heads swung around and multiple pairs of eyes blinked incredulously up at her.

“Oh, come on, now! This isn’t like last time! I really did see one!” Wish huffed. “Apollo, tell them I saw one! Apollo!”

So, it's been a bit since I've been on the site, and my inbox is overflowing. I've gotten it down from some 5,000 messages to a still daunting 1,522. However, this involved a good deal of deleting en mass. Which means, unfortunately, that if anyone just so happens to want my attention (either through a mention in an art piece, journal, et cetera), I recommend dropping me a note.

Is my extended absence officially over?
Not necessarily, but I'm going to try to start checking my notes at the very least.



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
To Ruse Who Bleeds by ZombiiCrow

Hello, all you silly people! It appears you've found my profile! I'm primarily an animal artist, and most of the artwork you find here will have something to do with my personal characters or gifts for others. You'll also find quite a lot of reference sheets for various different groups in there somewhere.

While you're at it, go check out these awesome groups - :icontheir-dark-eden: :iconthe-sacred-star: ...and more to come in the future!

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